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Julia Campbell seamlessly shifts between many roles in her day-today life at Waverly. She may start her morning driving a bus route and her afternoon alternating between working as a paraprofessional and school board secretary, only to conclude the evening by coaching sixth-grade volleyball or track.

Finding Herself Where She's Needed Most

Julia shares, “I stay busy. I have kids, and I have grandkids. When you’re an aid, you might not get paid as much as a teacher, so you do all these things together to make a bit more money.”

One job led to another. She was encouraged to apply for a vacant track coach position after submitting her \application to become a volleyball coach. A Waverly native, Julia shares that her school record for running the 400-meter dash in 61.1 seconds holds to the day, so coaching track seemed natural. Soon one job became two, which led to three.


Before joining the district in 2015, Julia worked as a sign language interpreter in other school districts, a skill that she can maintain while assisting the school as a National Sign Language (NSL) facilitator. Julia shares that she learned the skill through interacting with her ex-husband, who is deaf.


Regardless of role, Julia enjoys working in the community where she grew up, working in a school, especially around little kids. She values the small class sizes and the strength of living in a community that comes together. It allows her to tend her garden in the summer and appreciate the community that raised her. “Everyone comes together to do things and build each other up,” says Julia. “Waverly is a community where “everybody’s got your back and provides support.”

Everyone comes together to do things and build each other up.
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