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Winter '24 Message

From the Superintendent

“Their stories are not just threads in our school’s tapestry; they are the very fabric that holds us together.”

Dear Waverly Schools Community,

As winter sports, school activities, and community traditions continue to unfold, I am filled with a profound sense of appreciation for the people who are the heartbeat of Waverly Schools. Now well into my first year as your Superintendent, I am continually inspired by the dedication and spirit that thrives within our community. This issue of The Six is a celebration of those who quietly yet meaningfully contribute to the fabric of our school life.

In this edition, we spotlight the extraordinary efforts of our community volunteers and their invaluable contributions. Discover the story behind the volunteers who lovingly prepare monthly meals for our teachers, nurturing them even as they nurture our students. Their dedication is a testament to the communal spirit that enriches Waverly Schools.

We also shine a light on a beloved bus driver, whose commitment extends far beyond his daily routes. Greeting students with a warm smile each morning, he does more than transport our students; he is a vital part of students’ daily lives and their engagement in our school community.

Join us as we delve into the narrative of one of our new Board members, a testament to the devotion and leadership that guides our school. This member’s story, deeply rooted in the Waverly community, exemplifies the impact one individual can have in shaping the direction and spirit of our school.

You’ll also read about innovative projects led by our teachers, integrating the rich culture and heritage of Waverly into their curriculum. These projects not only enhance educational experiences but also strengthen our students’ connection to their community.

As we traverse this winter season, let us acknowledge and celebrate the myriad contributions of those around us. Their stories are not just threads in our school’s tapestry; they are the very fabric that holds us together. It is through their dedication, their smiles, and their unwavering support that Waverly Schools remains a beacon of community spirit and educational excellence.

Here’s to a winter of warmth, community, and shared stories, as we continue to grow and thrive together.

Warm regards,

Brandi Bruley
Superintendent, Waverly Schools

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